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HRD Attestation :

HRD (Human Resource Department) Attestation 

State Level Validation: 

HRD attestation is done to verify the educational papers and documents. It is an inevitable attestation process. No matter where you plan to travel, you have to get your educational documents and certificates attested. Authority for attesting the educational documents and certificates has been assigned to the Home Department of every Indian State and to the regional authentication centre that is under the education department of the state home department. Attestation, also known as validation , is performed for checking the originality of the educational certificates and documents.

In case the education documents have to be attested from the Ministry of External Affairs then it becomes mandatory to validate or attest them first from that particular state HRD department where the center/ board/ university is located. Once the document or certificate gets attested at the state level then you have to get documents attested from the Ministry of External Affairs.

State educational departments attests all educational documents and certificates that are issued by the Paramedical and Medical Institution, Govt. School, University, Govt. Technical Board etc.

HRD Attestation In India

The State Human Resource Department is responsible for attesting all educational certificates and documents issued by the Paramedical and Medical Institution, Govt. School, Govt. Technical Board, University, to name a few. HRD Department verifies the documents and certificates with the respective university followed by authentication of the same. Once the HRD attestation process is completed, the documents are then attested from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Embassy. We can help and guide for MEA attestation as well as Mantralaya attestation.

Home Department In India

Home Department Authentication of documents and certificates is for anyone who wishes to migrate to a foreign nation for any reason. All personal and legal papers have to be first attested from the its issuing jurisdiction that is Home Department/ General Administration Department of the state from where the document or certificate has been originated. Once the Home Department verification is done, it is validated from the Ministry of External Affairs and concerned embassy or consulate.

The Home Department is responsible for authenticating non-educational certificates and documents after verifying them with the respective departments. Authentication of documents is a true representation of the originality of that particular certificate or document.

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